Кейт Эблоу

Об авторе

[b]Кейт Эблоу[/b] ([b]Keith Ablow[/b], M.D.) Американский писатель, судебный психиатр, доктор медицины. Официальный сайт. Библиография Series [b]Frank Clevenger[/b] 1. Denial (1997) 2. Projection (1999) 3. Compulsion (2002) 4. Psychopath (2003) 5. Murder Suicide (2004) 6. The Architect (2005) Non fiction How to Cope With Depression: A Complete Guide for You and Your Family (1989) Medical School: Getting In, Staying In, Staying Human (1990) To Wrestle With Demons: A Psychiatrist Struggles to Understand His Patients and Himself (1992) Anatomy of a Psychiatric Illness: Healing the Mind and Brain (1993) The Strange Case of Dr. Kappler: The Doctor Who Became a Killer (1994) Without Mercy: The Shocking True Story of a Doctor Who Murdered (1996) Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson (2005)

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