Иан  Кинг

Иан Кинг

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Philosopher, adventurer, international conflict expert... [b]Iain King[/b] CBE has written some fascinating books. [i]'Secrets of the Last Nazi'[/i] is his debut novel - a taut, page-turner which early reviewers say trumps Dan Brown. The secret, protected by a former SS captain, is truly mind-blowing. [i]'How to Make Good Decisions and Be Right All the Time'[/i] is both an easy-to-understand introduction to moral philosophy and a radical new theory on ethics. Used in philosophy courses, it avoids jargon and explains complicated ideas in simple language. His theory has been widely acclaimed, and his book dubbed "destined to become a classic". [i]'Peace at Any Price'[/i] chronicles the Kosovo intervention, explaining what worked well, what didn't and why. [i]The Economist[/i] praised it as "refreshing, serious and well-considered... excellent" while the[i] Journal of Southern Europe[/i] described it as "one of the most perceptive accounts ever written on the practical difficulties associated with peace building in the aftermath of ethnic conflict."

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